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How we enable our landlords to have full control of their business.

Owning a buy to let property is owning a business. Some business owners want to run the business themselves, others prefer to delegate the work. One thing that most people want is to have full control of their business; to be able to make all the significant decisions themselves, supported by comprehensive knowledge of all factors to be considered.

We enable our landlords to retain full control of their business without having to oversee the day to day aspects.

Rent North East utilise bespoke technology to allow our landlords to make their decisions in their own time, from whichever location they are in, without compromising on the speed at which the decisions need to be made, or on the information which is needed in order to come to an informed decision.

How we do this:


Choosing who rents a property should be the landlord's choice, as the business owner. We provide our landlords with all the necessary information about a potential tenant, so that they can make their own informed decision.


Our bespoke online system allows landlords to make an informed decisions, in their own time and place.

We provide our landlords with full details of any issue, with supporting photographs, and a breakdown of every quote, including labour and materials costs. This allows our landlords, as business owners, to consider any quotes with the benefit of all relevant information.

Our chat system to allow questions and comments regarding any issues or quotes.

Fees and costs are fully explained and supported, allowing for complete transparency.

Tenants kept informed at each stage.


We have clients located in many different time zones, all of whom may wish to view their statements in a time convenient for them.

Our online landlord portal allows clients to access their up to date statements, whenever and wherever suits them.

This allows the business owner to have full control and knowledge of their accounts, without tying them down to inconvenient times or places.


Our online helpcentre is regularly updated and contains lots of relevant and helpful information for landlords and tenants.


Using these facilities, landlords who cannot / do not want to manage the day to day aspects of their business are still able to maintain control of their business.

Find out how we can help you. Call 0191 303 7778, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or pop into our office at 104a Bewick Road, Gateshead, NE8 1UA

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