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On the market for two months, let in 4 days by Rent North East

Our client got in touch after his property had been vacant for two months, throughout which it had been marketed to let by another large local agency. The client lives in Australia and was frustrated at what he felt was lack of any significant progress, and felt especially helpless living so far away. He contacted Rent North East after reading some online reviews of our services, written by other satisfied landlords.

Further to his instruction, we visited the property to find that it was in excellent condition, in a sought after location. We were amazed that it had been vacant for two months!

We visited the property on a Friday, and put it on the market over the weekend. By Wednesday afternoon we had dealt with over thirty enquiries, carried out five viewings, and had secured a quality tenant.

Needless to say, we have a very relieved client.


Here are some factors which helped us to achieve a better result than the first agents:


Marketing: Our professional marketing photographs presented the property to potential tenants as an attractive home, as opposed to those taken by the first agent which were not taken by a professional photographer.

Particulars: Clear property details, prices, and guarantee options clear up confusion and make the renting process a little easier. The particulars written by the first agent just included the “bare bones” details of the property, and didn’t do much to attract potential tenants, or to explain the process and options to them.

Websites: We advertised the property on more than 40 websites, including Rightmove, Zoopla, and Gumtree. In this instance the other agent also used most of the same websites, so this does not seem to have been a factor which helped us over the other agent.

Mailing list: We sent out the property details via email over 1200 times. This is something that only a local and well organised agent can do, as building up a local email database is done by recording the email address for every enquiry along with all applicants search criteria.

Reputation: Potential tenants choose Rent North East over other local agents. In this instance, the first agent instructed on the property has an “ok-ish” reputation, whereas Rent North East has an excellent reputation.

In addition to a quick result, our client gained access to a better service than he had received from the first agent, including our landlord portal with online statement access, online quote review system to allow him to approve or declined quotes at his convenience, and an experienced team familiar with legislation (NRL tax had never been deducted by his first agent, nor had the electrics ever been tested!).


It is important to note that finding a tenant can take significantly longer than four days (anyone can find a tenant, not anyone can find the right tenant). The purpose of this article is to highlight the very significant difference in the service which this client received from Rent North East; a difference which is especially clear when compared to the two months of no results from the first agent.

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